CDJ-2 XT - Flightcase 2 x CDJ-100/200/350/400 - tank

The Zomo Flightcase CDJ-2 XT is the ideal solution for 2 x CDJ-400, CDJ-350/CDJ-200 or CDJ-100. Doesn´t matter if you have 2 Players of the same model or 2 different ones. There are fitting 3 different models in this case! The CDJ-2 XT is very space-saving and is constrained on the essential – Effectivity! Equiped with a divider in the middle and a removable lid - the case shows it´s great fonctinallity! The perfect height and the position of the players is guaranteed by the additional foams which are also included in the delivery – so the Slot-In can be used without any problems! The integrated locks in the closings of the case, as already built in the CDJ-1, are ensuring perfect safety for your valuable players. The optimum useage of the possibilities you can explore in connection with the Zomo laptop stand LS-1. With this connection you can work on two levels and the laptop stand can be placed over the CDJ-2 XT.

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Key features

Professional, cool design
Real professional quality
aluminium profiles
Framed corners
Sturdy design
Comfortable carrying handle
Cleanly finished interior upholstery
Integrated locks for more security against unauthorized access
Low weight


Internal dimensions 450 x 325 x 130 mm
Weight 3,60 kg

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