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MIDI foot controller

The MIDI Maestro puts the full power of MIDI into a package that’s easy for anyone to use. It’s the first MIDI controller that lets musicians skip on reading lengthy MIDI manuals and instead just jump straight into playing. But the MIDI Maestro’s not just easy to use, it has incredible depth for those willing to explore its more advanced features. With predefined in app commands, easy customization, and presets for popular gear, the MIDI Maestro is the premier choice in MIDI controllers for all your MIDI enabled gear. There’s no stress about pressing the wrong button thanks to the built in displays. And with 10 dynamic pages per preset as well as the ability to send up to six MIDI commands in a single press you won’t find yourself limited.

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Key features

6 screens that display easily customized commands
Included presets for popular gear including the BeatBuddy
No need to read through MIDI manuals for codes, all commands are predefined in the MIDI Maestro app during setup
Dynamic page system results in dramatically increased capability without increasing the pedal’s footprint
Daisy chain MIDI Maestro’s together for unlimited control
Light, compact and sturdy
Anodized Aluminum
Easy to press, barefoot ready buttons
Expression pedal + extension pedal ports
5 pin MIDI IN/OUT ports
Buttons send up to six MIDI commands with a single press, and can automatically redirect to other pages
10 dynamic pages per preset
3 presets that can be switched quickly using a small “mode” button on the back, no app required


Dimensions 21.1 x 14.5 x 4.7cm
Weight 500g

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