Bass preamp + DI stompbox

MLD signature Bass Preamp + DI features fully sweepable midrange frequencies in addition to bass and treble controls. The preamp sound is designed by the respected musician Melvin Lee Davis, who roked together with NUX for creating a pedal with a huge range of action. Built-in Amp Model & Cab Sim (Impulse Response) with softaware for avanced editing make this pedal a real must for demanding bass players.

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Key features

Very versatile preamp pedal with Built-in Amp Model & Cab Sim (Impulse Response)
Balanced XLR DI OUT with switchable IR
Micro-USB B port to connect to PC/Mac to load different Virtual Cabinets through the NBP edit software
1/4" OUT with switchable IR
Controls Volume, Blend, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble
Headphone out
NBP edit software offers Noise Reduction to solve the hum issue of Jazz basses, selectable Amp models / Cabinets(IRs), USB Audio settings

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