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Featuring the ability to create 36 unique loops per song, add unlimited overdubs for each loop, and record up to 48 hours (when using an SD card), the Aeros loop studio goes beyond what’s expected of a looper pedal. Blurring the lines between traditional loopers and audio workstations, the Aeros allows you to mix your tracks live during a performance using the built-in scroll wheel, and gives the ability to save and export songs. This will let you share your best loops with your fans. With its 4.3" touch-enabled screen and color coded cues and waveforms, the Aeros looper will never leave you wondering where you are in the loop. Additionally, the Aeros packs tons of power into a small form factor. Coming in at just 7.8" x 5.6" (198 x 142 mm), the Aeros lets you add a 6 track, stereo looper to any pedalboard. Of course, we had to to make the Aeros fully compatible with our drummer pedal: The BeatBuddy. Using the two together is a plug and play experience. Our looper pedal also features bluetooth and wifi, enabling us to add exciting new features with over the air updates. Simply put, there’s no other pedal that can match the Aeros Loop Studio.

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Key features

6 Track Stereo Looper Pedal with Touch Enabled Screen
Quantize your tracks in any time signature or play in freeform mode
6 parallel tracks and 6 song parts for a total of 36 distinct loops per song (simultaneous parallel and sequential looping)
Unlimited overdubs enable you to create layers and depth in your loops without worrying about restrictions
Save your loops with the USB port or an SD card
3 hours mono, 1.5 hours stereo recording time using internal storage and up to 48 hours storage when using an SD card resistant black coating
32-bit floating point processing, 24-bit recording, professional DACs, <1ms latency, and 20hz – 20kHz range for studio quality recordings
Digital dry through bypass
Wifi compatibility for over the air updates and more
Four built-in footswitches with our comfort+ switch tops (perfect for playing barefoot or in socks)
Built-in scroll wheel for hands-free mixing during a performance
MIDI in/out ports for syncing seamlessly with the BeatBuddy, other drum machines, effects, and more
Compatible with any external expression pedal
I/O 2x6.35mm input, 2x6.35mm output, 1x6.35 stereo aux input, 1x6.35mm stereo aux output
9v (center negative), 360mA power supply included
4.3" touch-enabled display
Compact&light (only 936g)
Aluminum construction


Dimensions 198 x 142 x 56mm
Weight 936g
Power supply 9v center negative, 360mA (included)

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