SP-1 Singe-coil steel-string acoustic guitar pickup

Employing the fast and articulate attack of ferrite magnets, the SP-1 amplifies the sound of your acoustic with a dynamic blend of clarity and balance. It’s high quality mahogany casing and light weight design ensures maximum sensitivity and durability. Installation is easy with no modification to the instrument required. Each pickup comes stock with an 8’’ detachable and easily replaceable cable.

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Key features

Weight 45.35g. / 1.6oz
Upper side length 113mm / 4.45"
Lower side lenght 107mm / 4.21"
Height 15mm / 0.59"
Distance between first and last pole piece 58mm / 2.28"
Miminum lenght of soundhole's diameter to fit 92mm / 3.62"
Wood Mahogany
Impedance 3.60 kohm
Cable 3meter / 9'

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