Digital piano with bluetooth function in rosewood finish

WK-520 is a digital piano designed for both students and teachers. The sampling derived from the Steinway grand piano and the hammer action keyboard give the sensation of playing a classic piano. This digital piano is packed with 300 high-quality sounds and 100 styles that enable you to play many musical genres. The bluetooth 4.0 function allows the user to play and study on their favorite tracks. Using the appropriate APP on your smartphone or tablet, learning will be easy and fun and thanks to the Split and Dual functions the WK-520 digital piano is perfect for your lessons.

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Key features

Upright digital piano with rosewood finish
88 keys scaled hammer action keyboard
Max. Polyphony 128
4 selectable velocity curves
Sound chip Dream 5708 DSP
300 Sounds
100 Styles
52 Demo Songs
Display LED 3 x 7 segments
Split and Dual functions, great for teaching, learning and performances
Bluetooth Function 4.0
"Piano learning lights" function 88 sets x 2 columns
Controls Play/Stop, Rhythm, Start/STOP | SYNC Start, Auto Chord, Variation, Intro/End, Dual keyboard, Metronome, Dual voice, Sound
Functions Pitch shift, metronome, Split, Dual , percussion tone, Reverb and Delay.
Pedals Soft, Sostenuto and Damper
Effects Reverb and Delay
Connections DC 12V, USB Midi, Aux In, Line Out, Headphones X 2, Pedal
Speakers 2 x 10W, 4.5” each


Dimensions (W x D x H) 1370 x 415 x 820 mm
Weight 48 kg

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