Compact and elegant Electronic Drum including "PURE DRUM" technology and consisting of 1 Snare, 3 Tom and Kick trigger all with Mesh Head.

DD638DX includes the latest Medeli sampled sound library and "PURE DRUM" technology. This unique technology greatly improves the sound quality for the digital drums, thus giving a more natural and realistic feel to the ears. Using the USB flash drive function, you can insert your own sounds into the module and use them as internal voices, giving unlimited possibilities to the drum voices. You can play back songs directly from USB (MIDI, MP3, WAV) and record their performances in real time on USB flash drive.

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Key features

64 x 128 dots graphic LCD Display with backlit
50 Drum kits + 49 User, 650 Sounds, 17 Hi-Hat Combination, 100 Preset songs and 10 User Song, 99 samples for user voices with approx. 15 MByte in total.
Three coach modes with dozens of common best practice. Automatically score function intuitively reflects practice condition.
AUX IN input to connect external devices such as smartphones, tablets or CD Player and play along with your favorite songs.
Headphone Input for quiet practicing.
USB connection for communication with a computer using MIDI protocol and possibility of use with many software.
USB MEMORY port for the USB flash drive connection to playback songs stored on the flash drive, save the own performaces or transmit samples wav files to the module.
Stereo output (R, L/MONO) for the connection to an external audio system or to a drum amplifier/Monitor.
"IN, OUT / THRU" MIDI connections to connect an external instrument or an external MIDI sequencer to receive or transmit MIDI data.
Connection to add the 2nd Crash and the 4th Tom.
DC 9V/500mA Power Supply with AC/DC Adapter included.


Display 64 x 128 dots graphic LCD with backlit.
Polyphony 64
Drum Kits 50 + 49 user
iKit 5
Voices 650 + 17 Hi-Hat; user 15MByte Max
Songs 100 preset + 10 user
Drum Pads and Pedals 1 2-zone Snare MESH, 3 2-zone Tom MESH pad, 1 2-zone Crash with Choke, 1 3-zone Ride with Choke, 1 2-zone Hi-hat (continuous control), Hi-hat Pedal, 1 Trigger Kick MESH.
Controls Power, Master Volume, Phone Volume, AUX IN Volume, Click Volume, Kit, Song, Record, Start/Stop, Click,Coach, Menu, [UP], [DOWN], Exit, F1,F2,F3, Data Dial, Group Faders, Fader Exchange,[<], [>]
Record MIDI and AUDIO
Sequencer 10 User song with Real-time Recording til 2000 notes for each song and 192 ticks per beat.
Tempo 30~280
Metronome Click voice; Volume; Time signature; Interval select.
Trigger Parameters Sensitivity; Threshold; Head-rim adjust;Cross stick level; Curve; Crosstalk; Retrigger cancel; Splash sensitivity; HH close point.
USB flash drive MP3, Wav and MIDI files; up to 99 files per folder.
Power Supply DC 9V/500mA (AC/DC Adapter Included)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1420 x 610 x 1170 mm
Weight 28 kg
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) 955 x 610 x 350 mm
Packing Weight 30,3Kg

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