Portable arranger keyboard with 61 touch response keys and 128 notes polyphony.

A300 is equipped with 61 touch response keys and 128 notes polyphony. This keyboard includes 618 high quality sounds, 200 accompaniment styles, 310 popular songs with preset parameters right at your finger tips such as style, tempo, and voice. The A300 will make learning easy and fun thanks to the innovative Intelligent Learning System which provides a complete and gradual guide. The built in Performance Assistant function allows to play in two modes: the piano mode with which you can easily achieve the same effect as a real piano and the guitar mode to control different parameters so that the acoustic result is to play a real guitar. A300 inspires the joy of playing both professional musicians and music lovers.

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Key features

61 Keys Portable Keyboard with Touch Response Technology to simulate feel of authentic acoustic pianos.
Large Backlit LCD for easy setup (Sounds, Styles, Parameters, Etc.) and navigation.
618 different Sounds, 200 accompaniment styles spanning a large wide of music genres, 150 Songs for Learning and 310 popular songs with preset parameters right at your finger tips such as style, tempo and voice.
Lower / Split function to divide the keyboard into two sections and select a voice for each of them. The split point is selectable.
Dual mode for layering 2 different sounds in whole keyboard.
Guitar Mode function lets you play an internal guitar sound with the keyboard just as if you were playing a real guitar.
The Piano Mode function allows you to easily get the feel of playing a real piano.
Pitch Bend wheel and Volume level slider
USB/MIDI function to use for computer connection and music software.
Record mode and built in metronome.
DSP to add ambience and depth to the performance in a variety of ways.
Headphones Output
AUX OUT Audio Output
AUX IN Audio Input
Sustain Pedal Input.
Microphone Input
ACDC Adapter included
Battery Operation


Keyboard 61 Keys with touch response (3 Touch levels).
Display Backlit Multi-functional LCD
Polyphony 128
Voices 618
Styles 200 + 10 User Styles
Songs for Learning 150 + 5 User Songs
Album Songs Presets 310 Presets
Demo Songs 5
Tempo 30-280
Registration Memories to save the panel settings 48
Chord Mode Single-finger and Multi-Finger
Chord Dictionary
Accompaniment/Songs Controls Start/Stop, Sync Start (Pause), Intro/Ending (Repeat A/B), Fill A (REW), Fill B (FF), Chord Mode, Fade.
Record Function Record, Start/ Stop, Accomp Track, Melody Track 1~5
Control Buttons Power Switch, Volume Slider, Modulation Button, Pitch Bend, Style Direct Button 1~10, Shift, Tempo +/- (ACCMP +/-), Metronome (Octave), Mixer (Transpose),Harmony (Sustain), Start/ Stop, Sync Start (Pause),Intro/ Ending (Repeat), Fill A (REW), Fill B (FF), Chord(Fade), Bank (Record), Store (ACCOMP), Dual, Lower,Function, Smart Learning, M1~5(Melody1~5), M6 (Touch), O.T.S. (Perform.), Voice Direct Button 1~10, Voice, Style (Album), Song (Dict.), Piano (DSP), Demo, -/NO, +/Yes, Data Dial.
Power Supply DC IN 12V/2000mA (AC/DC Adapter Included)
Speakers 2x15W ( 4 ohm) + 2x20W ( 8 ohm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 970 x 370 x 142 mm
Weight 6.75 KG
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) 1040 x 455 x 220 mm
Packing Weight 9,2 Kg

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