Portable arranger keyboard with 61 touch response keys

M331 is a powerful portable keyboard for beginners and music enthusiasts. In order to provide the best experience for beginners to explore their endless imagination, Medeli has provided 633 voices and 220 styles for beginners to experiment with. The 220 styles are also supported by 128 polyphony technology to ensure a full band backing effect without a dropping note. 150 classic songs are on board to be played with the Music Tutorial System, which is designed to teach beginners rhythm and music notation. You can also record up to 8 songs to be replayed on the keyboard in the future. Simply plug a music player into the Aux In jack and a microphone into the Mic jack, you can instantly play and sing along to your favorite song. M331 is filled with fantastic features with endless possibilities for music enthusiasts.

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Key features

61 Keys Portable Keyboard with Touch Response Technology to simulate feel of authentic acoustic pianos.
Large Backlit LCD for easy setup (Sounds, Styles, Parameters, Etc.) and navigation.
633 different Sounds, 220 accompaniment styles spanning a large wide of music genres and 150 Songs for Learning.
Split/Lower mode useful for student/teacher sessions.
Dual mode for layering 2 different sounds in whole keyboard.
Pitch Bend wheel and Volume level knob.
USB/MIDI function to use for computer connection and music software.
Headphones/Audio Output.
Sustain pedal Input.
Audio Input AUX IN
Microphone Input to sing during themusic performances
Record mode and built in metronome
DSP to add ambience and depth to the performance in a variety of ways.
Battery operation


Keyboard 61 Keys with Touch Response (3 Touch Levels)
Display Backlit Multi-functional LCD
Polyphony 128
Voices 633
Styles 220
Songs for learning in LESSON MODE 150
Demo Songs 8
Tempo 30-280
Registration memories to save the panel settings 32
Chord mode Single-finger, Multi-finger
Chord dictionary Convenient for users to learn chords
Accompaniment Controls Start/Stop, Sync Start, Intro/Ending, Fill A, Fill B.
Record Function 10 user song with relative playback
Control Knobs/buttons Power Switch, Volume Knob, Shift, Tempo+/-, (Accomp+/-), Metronome(Octave), Mixer (Transpose),Harmony(Sustain), Start/Stop, Sync Start, Intro/Ending,Fill A, Fill B, A.B.C., Fade Bank(Record), Store(Play),M1(Dual), M2(Lower), M3(Dict.), M4(DSP), O.T.S.(Touch), Voice(L), Style(R), Song(Lesson),Piano(Function), Demo, -/NO, +/YES, Data Dial
Power Supply DC IN 12V/800mA (AC/DC Adapter included)
Speakers 2 x 3W (4Ohm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 956 x 360 x 133 mm
Weight 5 KG
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) 1030 x 445 x 210 mm
Packing Weight 7,3 Kg

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