5 pcs complete drumkit with 20" bass drum and REMO heads

Peace's goal with Vulcanian series is to offer the best possible drumkit for dedicated students. A drumkit that won't sacrifice essential features such as sound quality and materials.Featuring all Mahogany shells an 8 lug 9 ply snare drum, it's equipped with DA-277 tom mounting system to allow precise tom placement in all directions and great stability. The kit is available in 3 different shells configurations with 22", 20" and 18" bass drum, to fit all styles and needs. Coming with REMO heads, brass cymbals and double braced hardware, the Vulcanian is the kit that your teacher would reccomend.

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Key features

5 pcs complete Drumkit
9 ply mahogany shells equipped with REMO drumheads
Bass Drum 20x14", Floor tom 14x12", Tom 12x9", Tom 10x8", Snare 14x5.5"
Da-277 tom mounting system ensure precise tom placement and great stability
Adjustable bass drum spurs
HS-420 Hi-Hat
CS-972CH cymbals stand
SS-510 snare stand
P-410 bass drum pedal
DRT-109N drum throne
16" crash/ride and 14" Hi-hat brass cymbals CYM-9 series
Including 5A drumsticks
Wrapped finish
Color #10 White

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