Acoustic Drumset Microphone Kit

New Soundsation DSKIT-7 is a prime solution to mike your acoustic drum-set. New reduced size designed microphones give them a better cosmetic appeal and discretion in comparison to the used drum-set. Ideal for modern drummers, this kit gives max reliability both live performances and studio recording applications. Each microphone mounts a high quality capsule and its frequency response has been optimized according to the drum instrument to mike (snare, tom, bass drum, cymbals). DSKIT-7 includes supports for various types of microphone and comes with a flight case for easy transport.

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Key features

Advanced electroacoustic characteristic drum microphone set
Bass drum microphone-full low frequency response for strong and dynamical bass effect pick up
Snare drum microphone-well designed low and frequency, ideal for snare and tom tom drum
Condenser microphone with wide frequency response and high frequency resolution for optimal recording of cymbals and hi-hat
Microphones with rugged body construction
Rugged Flight Case
Comes with 1 bass drum mic (BDM-30 ) , 4 tom/snare mics ( TTM-30 ), 2 cymbal condenser mics (CM-1000) with windscreen, 4 mic stand holders , 5 drumset mic holders
Ideal for drums (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tom Drum, Cymbals) in live performances and studio recording applications


For technical specification of each microphone model please refer to the related datasheet
Net Weight Kg 6
Dimensions (mm) 420x320x100

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