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Rack Power Source

The RPL-1000V2 combines a power distribution system, a surge protector, a rack light and a USB power socket in one rack space, thus making at an indispensable tool for both installed and mobile sound systems. RFI/EMI filtering comes along with a 15 amp circuit breaker to protect equipment and ensure better performance due to cleaner AC supply to the 10 rear-panel IEC sockets. The front-panel volt meter helps understanding the AC grid condition meanwhile. Unlike old-fashioned racklights with prone-to-break-off pull-out bulb tubes, the racklight section of the RPL-1000V2 works with a fixed strip of daylight white LEDs, providing a smooth and evenly distributed downward light curtain which is adjustable in its brightness and virtually unlimited in its lifetime. Last but not least, the RPL-1000V2 solves the omnipresent challenge of providing power to a tablet or smartphone in an event environment by sporting a massive 2A of power at its USB charging socket to satisfy even the most power-hungry tablets.


Key features

Power distribution with single inlet and 10 switched, rear-side IEC C-13 Outlets
Power per single outlet 5A, maximum power per group of 5 outlets 8A, maximum total output power 15A
15A resettable front-side circuit breaker
RFI/EMI filter for AC outlets
Triple-mode varistor spike and surge protection for AC outlets
3-digit digital AC voltage meter with 3% precision
Main on/off switch
Racklight section with full-width daylight white LED strip
Dimmer for racklight with seamless brightness adjustment and on/off switch
USB charger socket with 2A maximum current
Full metal case with detachable rack ears
IEC-C20 power inlet (self-mount C-19 plug included)
Delivery including self-mount C-14 plugs
CE/ROHS compliant


Switched Outlets 10 (2 groups 5 each)
Output Current (per outlet/group) 15A (5A/8A)
Circuit Breaker 15A
AC IN 115-230V~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption max. 18W
Dimensions W483xH44.5xD150.0mm
Weight 1.95 kg

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