Mini Pedal Tuner

NUX HD PITCH Mini Pedal Tuner is a precise tuner with full colored LED screen and HD visuals. And it is perfect to be 'first' in a signal chain. When you engage the pedal, it's an accurate tuner. When you disengage the pedal, it's a signal buffer (in Buffer Bypass mode). It has 2 bright LED screens that display: notes, tuning, calibration, and bypass mode. HD pitch mini pedal tuner offers selectable True Bypass and Buffer Bypass modes to deliver your signals according to your needs in the effect pedal chain. This Mini-Pedal Tuner is a whole new breed, created and developed with our latest technology yielding an ultra-fast response time, and unmatched precision tuning.

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Key features

Ultra-fast response, precise tuning
2 LCD color HD displays showing notes, tuning, calibration, and bypass mode
2 Bypass mode True Bypass/Buffer Bypass
Signal buffer preserves your tone in effect chain
Fast-Read Tuning Screen w/ different tuning visuals
A4 Calibration (436HZ - 445HZ)

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