Mini Core Overdrive

More gain! That was the overall goal with the MKII version of the Tubeman, our most popular overdrive. A designed FET input stage makes Tubeman breakup in a whole new, genuine "Tube-like" style which will make your leads singing and your rhythm playing sounding more dynamic and expressive than ever. It all culminates in an overdrive that is superbly dynamic, with crispness and clarity that let players cut through a dense mix, while retaining the plump mid range.

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Key features

Designed FET input provides 'tube like' warm tone for creamy singing leads and dynamic rhytms
More gain, unmatched dynamic, crispness and clarity to cut thru the mix like never before
Simple but effective controls (Gain, Level, Tone)
True bypass
Luminous knobs for checking on the dark stage
Strong and lightweight aluminum die-cast chassis
Size mini stompbox
Power 9V DC supply, 90mA (center negative)


Dimensions 94(L)×51(W)×53(H)mm
Weight 174g

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