Compact and lightweight fog machine with wired and wireless controllers.

ZEPHIRO 900 FOG is a compact and lightweight fog machine, suitable for medium-small sized environments where a fog effect is required to enhance any light show.

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Key features

140m³/Minute Fog output fills up a medium-small sized room quickly.
Continuous fog output after a minimal warm-up time.
Wired Controller to start and stop the fog emission.
Remote controller to start and stop the fog emission without connection cables.


Heating Element 900 Watt
Output distance 2-3 meters
Warm-up time Approximately 3 Minutes
Tank capacity 1 Liter
Fog output 140m³/Min
Wireless remote controller included Yes - 433,92 MHz (Max 10 Meters)
Wired remote controller included Yes (START/STOP Switch)
Mounting bracket included Yes
Power requirements 220V AC, 50Hz
Internal fuse 10A 250V fast blow 20mm glass
Dimensions 345 x 205 x 185 mm
Weight 3,4Kg
Packing Size 410 x 250 x 230 mm
Packing Weight 4,4 kg

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