Spider Capo


Spider Capo XXL for Bass guitar and 7-8 string e-guitar

SpiderCapo is a "Universal Partial Capo" which allows you to capo each string individually. SpiderCapo opens a whole new world of musical exploration and possibilities for fretted instrument players, as well as being a creative tool for songwriters. Weighing in at only one ounce, SpiderCapo protects your instrument by employing a dense leather pad in connection with guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, and uke necks. More than a serious tool for advanced players, SpiderCapo provides countless hours of fun for beginners as well!

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Key features

Fits perfectly on 5 & 6 String Electric Basses, 7 & 8 String Electric Guitars, and a host of other exotic stringed instruments.
Play hundreds of tunings without detuning the instruments
Capo allstrings like a regular capo with fine tuning per string
Change tunings in live performance

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