Striking wrapped finishes Mahogany 5 pcs Drum set

Peace’s new DP-210 Adonis kit is designed with working musicians in mind, but it’s also an ideal kit for those looking to step up from a starter kit to something more rugged. Great for all styles of music and keeping the beat in the pocket, you don’t need deep pockets to afford one. If you’re still your own roadie and drum tech, and you sometimes need to get onto and off a stage in a hurry, this kit fits the bill. Black trim appointments accent the wrapped 9-ply mahogany shells to create a serious vibe. Abundant useful features include Peace’s new GIGAMOUNT DA-277BK single-post, dual-tom, ball-and-socket mounts for positioning flexibility, crescent mounts and duotone low-mass lugs for maximum shell resonance, and double-braced series 600 hardware that is sturdy without being cumbersome.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Mahigany shells for amazing bass frequencies and the deepest sound ever
Striking wrapped finishes
Giga-Mount™ Toms Suspension System
Hardware 600 Series
Duotone lugs low-mass-low profile for maximum shells resonance
Remo® Heads


Dimension Toms 10”x8”, 12”x9” - Floor Tom 16”x16” – Bassdrum 22”x16” – Snare 14”x5,5”
9 plies Mahogany shells
Giga-Mount™ Toms Suspension System with DA-147 Brackets
Peace® black Hardware
DHO-1 1,6mm Peace® Black Hoops
Duotone low-mass low-profile lugs DA-120 (Black finishes) - 6 on Toms, 8 on Floor Toms, Snare and BassDrum
DA-180 Bass Drum Claws
Hi-Hat Stand HS-670
Snare Stand SS-610
Bass Drum Pedal P-610
Cymbal Stand CS-610
Colour #50 Optical Illusion
Dimensioni spedizione 62x46x29 cm - 57x60x60 ( 2 pkgs)
Gross Weight Kg 39

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