Mini Toms for Marching Drums

With space at a premium , the compact MI-65 Mini-toms answer the call for more sounds in a small area. The two shallow metal shells are connected- visually similar to a pair of bongos,and the 6” and 5 ” diameter tunable toms produce a short, powerful percussive effect. The mini-toms come with hardware (DA-244 and DA-250) to conveniently mount off thetop of a snare drum or other tom.

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Key features

Tunable mini-toms with short and powerful percussive effect
Suited to be attached to marching snare drums or toms
Diameter 5"+6"
Metal shell
Synthetic white head
DA-240 and DA-255 tom mounting clamp and rod included
Weinght instrument 1,4 kgs

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