6"x12" - 6"x8" - 6"x10" - 6"x14" Marching Mini Quads

Among the most popular items in the Peace catalog for traps players are Peace Octabons. Drums that speak with a sharp bark, they are also ideal for marching bands where cutting tone is required. A quartet of the tunable anodized aluminum shells fits comfortably on the included MTC-4 aluminum carrier, and the outfit packs a lot of sound and punch without being heavy in the weight department. Played with mallets or sticks, the new Mini-Quads provide four new, distinct voices to the growing choir of marching percussion.

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Key features

Anodyc Aluminum Shells
1,6mm Steel Hoops
Lugs 4 x DA-120CH on each drum
Included accessories MTC-4 Carrier
Colour Anodyc
Weinght instrument 8 kgs

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