Drum rack with V shaped central tube and arms

Drum rack are useful for drummers with medium to big size drumkits. This solution has several advantages. The rack can hold several shells, cymbals and other accessories in less space and it’s convenient to add or remove components. Furthermore it’s possible to lock the positions and keep memory when mounting or unmounting the drumkit. Finally with a rack the total hardware amount to carry is reduced. Peace provide different solution to fit any needs, including the relative accessories and all built with high quality materials. The DR-21 it's a new Peace design featuring T-style leg system for improved stability. The central tube and the additional side arms are V shaped rather than curved, offering a unique ergonomic option to the drummer.

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Key features

Ultra robust drum rack
T style legs for improved stability
V shped central tube for reduced width allow to keep everything within reach
V shaped side arm with ground support
Coming with three clamps and two cymbal holders
Chrome finish

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