800 series tom stand

800 Arena series represent the flagship of Peace wide range of hardware. Conceived to resist the tour abuses, this series features the most robust tubing and double braced legs to ensure stability and durability. Built in high quality material and durable electro plated chrome finishing, it’s coming in a wide range for every need - Boom and straight for cymbals, hi hat, snare, tom and multipurpose stands. All models are equipped with easy to use and precise adjusting mechanisms for convenient use.

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Key features

Tom stand
Double-braced legs
Ultra sturdy and resistent tubing
Durable electro plated chrome finish
High quality material


Dimensions (mm) height 860 min, 1550 max
Tube dimensions (inch*mm) up 7/8" * 480, medium 1"*480, bottom 1 1/8" * 480, holder 3/4"*40
Weight 6.30 kg

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