Striking lacquered finishes Maple and Mahogany 5 pcs Drum set

The new, redesigned Onyx set, Peace's best selling lacquer finish kit, is better than ever. Still boasting the same sonically potent and desirable features as earlier incarnations, by popular demand the largest tom included with new production versions of the set will be a 14"x14" floor tom with legs-no longer a suspended 14"x12";. Available with chrome or original black trim appointments, either Onyx variant barks with serious tone thanks to the precision crafting that goes into the manufacturing of the maple/mahogany sandwich shells; mounted hardware includes Duotone low-mass, low-profile lugs that allow the shells to sing freely.

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Key features

Maple and Mahogany shells for amazing bass frequencies and incredible loudness
Striking lacquered finishes
Arial-Lock™ Toms Suspension System
Peace® chrome hardware
Duotone lugs low-mass-low profile for maximum shells resonance
Remo® Heads


Dimension Toms 10”x8”, 12”x9” - Floor Tom 16”x14” – Bassdrum 22”x18” – Snare 14”x5,5”
9 plies Maple and Mahogany shells
Arial-Lock™ Toms Suspension System with DA-147 Brackets
Peace® chrome Hardware
DHO-1 1,6mm Peace® Chrome Hoops
Duotone low-mass low-profile lugs DA-120 (Ravenplate finishes) - 6 on Toms, 8 on Floor Toms, Snare and BassDrum
DA-33C Bass Drum Claws
Floor Toms (optional) 14"x14"
Only shells, hardware not included (Pack 600 suggested)
Color #316 Titanium Alloy

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