Amplification System Magnetic Pick-Up

Belcat has been known worldwide as reputable preamplifier and pickups manufacturer since 1988. Belcat employs trained professionals who are skilled in creative design and product exploration. Belcat products reflect the diligent efforts. It is constantly exploring new frontiers for multifunctional preamps and pickups. Belcat ha a unique company profile and people are continually working with the latest technology, so as we can bring the highest quality products. Belcat sincerely believe that its products surpass all industry standards in quality and performance.

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Key features

Individual string balance adjustment screws
Excellent bass and mid-range response and 60-cycle hum reduction
Available 3 11/16" and 4 1/8" (94-105mm) diameter sound hole
Easy installation and removal
Strap end-pin jack
Shock absorbing foam lines the inside edges of both mounting brackets
Color Black

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