Class-DH Switch Mode Power Amplifiers with Crossover and OVP Power Converter

The XPS-series amplifiers are two-channel class-DH amplifiers at a compact size of 2 HU (rack spaces). All models are equipped with a high-efficient SMPS (switch mode power supply), which ensures top performance and light weight. The front panel shows two gain controls for easy access and the main switch. Two round LED displays inform about the condition of the amplifiers. The rear side shows two XLR input connectors and two XLR output connectors (link). The input sensivity (gain) is 32 dB. Two SPEAKON© outputs and four binding posts are mounted at the rear side. The SPEAKON© connector of the output channel 1 (left) is connected with all four poles. This connector offers additionally the output signal of channel 2 (right) at the pins 2 (+/-). This enables an efficient four-pole connection of two-way speaker systems with one speaker cable only. The XPS-series amplifiers can be switched into three different modesof operation: stereo, parallel and bridge mode. The integrated crossover is equipped with a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter (each 18 dB / Butterworth). The filter type can be set and activated by a switch on the rear panel. The function of the crossover is switched off in position FULLRANGE. The XPS models are equipped with a switchable impedance matching function (except XPS 900 = class-D). This power converter can be set by the OVP switch on the rear panel. The OVP function ensures that the amplifiers deliver full output power even at low impedances. All models are equipped with a switch-on delay function to protect the connected speakers.


Key features

Class-DH is the evolution of the class-H technology. Class-DH has all the advantages of the class-H technology, but without switching to any higher or lower voltage level(s).
The NOVA Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) is a special power converter that can deliver more power than it has previously taken from the power supply. Due to this, it delivers the required current even at lower impedances. To drive a higher impedance (such as a speaker with an impedance of 8 ohms) a higher voltage is required. Using the OVP switch (not in XPS 900 model), the user can adjust the NOVA XPS amplifiers exactly to the impedance of the loudspeaker connected.
For larger and more complex speaker systems, we recommend using a digital loudspeaker management system, which takes over the function of a crossover. For smaller systems, such as a system consisting of two 18" subwoofers and two 2-way mid/high loudspeakers, the users often rely on cost efficiency and flexibility. Therefore, all NOVA XPS amplifiers are equipped with a high pass filter (120 Hz / 18 dB / Butterworth) and a low-pass filter (120 Hz / 18 dB / Butterworth). The x-over filter type can be selected on the rear side of the XPS amplifiers by using a switch. The crossover function is disabled in position FULLRANGE.
The core of the NOVA XPS amplifiers is the variable SMPS switching power supply, which provides stable performance even with voltage fluctuations in the mains supply (~230V +/-10%). The power supply is designed specifically for the NOVA class-DH amplifier technology. It provides a stable power supply for uncompromising performance even at full load and low-impedance. The use of this highly efficient power supply also leads to a very low weight of the XPS power amplifiers.


8 ohms per channel (watt) 300W
4 ohms per channel (watt) 450W
2 ohms per channel (watt) n/a
8 ohms bridged (watt) 900W
4 ohms bridged (watt) n/a
THD a 1 kHz e 1 dB Below clipping 0.01%
THD at 100 kHz and 1 dB below clipping 0.01%
THD at 10 kHz and 1 dB below clipping 0.2 %
Damping Factor 100
Channel separation at 10 kHz 60dB
Output Impedance 100 ohms
Slew rate 19 V/µs
Input Impedance 20k ohms bal. /10k ohms bal.
Common mode rejection 60dB
Gain Controls 46 x (34dB)
Clip Indicators Led
Output headroom Indicators Led
Input Connectors Neutrik© XLR female
Output Connectors Neutrik© XLR male
Input Sesitivity V rms (8 Ohms) 1,0V
Switch mode stereo - parallel - bridge
Limiter Yes
Output connectors Neutrik© SPEAKON© 4-pol. + Binding Posts
Operation voltage 180-242 volt
Soft Start Yes
Switch mode power supply (SMPS) Yes
OVP Power Converter No
Switch crossover (18dB/Blutterworth) 120Hz LPF/HPF fullrange
Dimensions L x A x P 483mm x 89mm x 335mm; Dimensions Packing L x A x P: 554mm x 123mm x 554mm
Weight (Net/Gross) 8,5 Kg / 10,5 Kg

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