Professional 8 channel power amplifier with SMPS

The DXI8200 is a 8-channel power amplifier at a compact size of 2 HU (rack spaces). The front panel shows 8 gain controls for easy access, 8 mute-switches and the main switch. The LED display informs about the condition of the amplifiers. The rear side shows 8 input-connectors and 8 output-connectors. The input sensivity (gain) is 32 dB each channel. The outputs offer barrier strip connectors. The DXI8200 can be used also in half-bridged mode (2 x 400 watts plus 4 x 200 watts RMS / 4 ohms). The DXI8200 can be switched into three different operation modes: stereo, parallel and bridge mode. The independent limiters can be switched on or off. All models are equipped with a switch-on delay to protect the connected speakers.


Key features

8-channel power amplifier (8 x 200 watts RMS)
SMPS (switch mode power supply / 8 kg only)
Compact design and lightweight construction
Independent clip limiters
Class-D technology for high efficiency
Euroblock connectors at inputs
Barrier strip connectors at outputs
Comprehensive package of safety circuits
Safety circuits Short circuit protection, Overheating protection, HF protection, DC protection


8 ohms per channel (watt) 130W (x 8)
4 ohms per channel (watt) 200W (x 8)
8 ohms per channel (watt) 400W (x 2 max. in bridge mode)
THD+N at 1 kHz half power @ 4 ohms <0.5%
Damping factor 600W
Channel separation at 10 kHz <60dB
Input Impedance 40 k ohms bal. / 20 k ohms bal.
Common mode rejection 70dB
Gain controls 8
Clip / protect indicators Led
Output headroom indicators Led
Input connectors Euroblock
Link connectors n/a
Mode Switch Stereo / brigde / parallel
Limit switch n/a
Output connectors Barrier Strip (connectors included)
Operation Voltage 220 - 242 volts
Soft Start Yes
Switch mode power supply (SMPS) Yes
Maximum power consumption : 1300W
Dimensions (mm) L x H x P 483 x 89 x 431; Dimensions Packing (mm) L x H x P: 483 x 89 x 431
Net Weight 8 Kg / 10 Kg

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