MTP 440 DM

Dynamic performance microphone

The MTP 440 DM is an exceptionally versatile, precision-engineered cardioid dynamic microphone ideally suited for upscale live sound and studio recording applications. Featuring a high-performance capsule which delivers a remarkably bright and lively sound, the MTP 440 is perfect for miking drums, percussion instruments, other acoustic instruments and vocals.

The MTP 440's cardioid pattern ensures perfect off-axis rejection and exceptionally high gain before feedback. Unwanted reflections or background noise are effectively suppressed. High-quality components and rugged construction make it a number one choice for touring professionals and artists around the globe.

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Key features

Uniform cardioid pickup pattern for effective isolation of the intended sound source and minimal background noise
Minimally affected by varying load impedance
Rock-solid die-cast body
Frequency response tailored specifically to instrument applications
Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector
Comes in a cardboard box with foam layers; includes MTP 40 MCs shock mount and DTP 40 Lb leather bag
Top applications Instrument amps, Drums and percussions ,Woodwinds, Vocals, Live sound


Acoustical operating principle dynamic, moving coil
Directional pattern cardioid
Frequency range 60 ... 16.000 Hz
Sensitivity 2,5 mV / Pa (-52 dBV)
Rated impedance < 500 ohms
Connector gold plated 3-pin XLR
Dimension 39 dia. x 159 mm (1,53 dia. x 6,25 inch)
Net weight 280 g ( 9,88 oz )

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