18” corner mount premium subwoofer, 1.000 W (RMS)

The KIRA18SC subwoofer is specifically designed for installation in corners. The technical base is a heavy-duty 18" transducer with an impressive 4" voice coil. Thus the KIRA18SC is extremely powerful, works installed at very low frequencies from 25 Hz and is a real problem solver for architecturally demanding sound reinforcement applications. The triangular design enables an installation in corners, both on walls and on ceilings. Once installed in a corner, the surfaces of a wall or a ceiling couple acoustically and work similar as a large horn. This coupling strengthens the efficiency of the subwoofer significantly and enlarges the frequency range down to very low 25 Hz. The efficiency of the higher bass frequencies is adjusted by a matching controller preset. Thus, the KIRA18SC provides an amazingly fundamental subwoofer experience. The mounting kit is included in the delivery. The metal frame has integrated rubber pads, which provide an acoustic decoupling of walls and ceilings. The mounting kit allows a very comfortable assembly of the subwoofer and can be also used as useful drilling template. Firstly, the frame can be attached to the wall or ceiling. Secondly, the KIRA18SC can be inserted and screwed into the frame. The chassis of the KIRA18SC is constructed from 15 mm plywood (birch) and covered with black texture finish. The cabinet is equipped with a front grill with transparent charcoal foam backing. Two speakon connectors (NL4) are mounted at the rear side of the chassis for signal input (input) and signal link (link). The power rating of the KIRA18SC is 1.000 W (RMS), the impedance is 8 ohms.


Key features

Unique triangular design
High performance 18“ transducer with 4“ voice coil
Mounting frame included in delivery (as standard)


System Type 18", subwoofer, triangular design
Frequency Range (-10 dB) Freefield: 38 Hz - 1.000 Hz / Corner mounted: 22 Hz - 1.000 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) Freefield: 44 Hz - 800 Hz / Corner mounted: 25 Hz - 800 Hz
Coverage Pattern Omni, hornloaded at corner mount
HF Horn n/a
Crossover Modes Active
Crossover Frequency n/a
Power Rating (Continuous**/Program) 1000 W/2000 W
Maximum SPL*** 134 dB SPL peak
System Sensitivity (1w/1m) 98 dB SPL
LF Driver 1 x NOVA 18/1000 EL, 4“ voice coil woofer
LF Nominal Impedance 8 ohms (passive)
MF Driver n/a
MF Nominal Impedance n/a
HF Nominal Impedance n/a
Active Tunings External Signal Processing
Enclosure 15 mm, plywood (multi layer)
Suspension / Mounting prepared for mounting kit (included)
Transport n/a
Finish Black lacquer finish
Grille Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
Input Connectors 2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4 2+/2- (1+/1-linked from input to output)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 618 mm x 700 mm x 315 mm
Net Weight 29 kg
Accessories Mounting frame, included in delivery as standard

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