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Mp3 and Radio FM Media Player Bluetooth

Designed to add MP3 file replay and FM radio reception to any professional audio system, the DMP-230V2B sports intuitive use, excellent audio quality and the added value of an in-built jingle player with scheduling. Bluetooth has been implemented for wireless audio connection. The latter allows to insert jingles (like advertisements, etc.) either at the touch of a button or in certain time intervals into the running program. A large LCD provides clear status information and read-out of MP3 file names and RDS radio text, and an included IR remote control provides additional convenience in daily use. Packed in a rugged metal case with stylish plastic side cheeks, the DMP-230V2 can be operated stand-alone our mounted into a 19’’ rack by means of the optional rack kit (not included).


Key features

Media player/tuner with file/folder access for USB thumbdrives/SD cards up to 16GB/2000 songs
FAT32 file system
MP3 file name readout on large LCD display
Regular and random play sequence
Elapsed/remain time mode
FM tuner mode with RDS station display
10 self-programmable radio station presets
Jingle player with up to 3 jingles and additional scheduled play mode
IR remote for media player transport functions, FM stations and volume control
Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) output | Output level setting on rear panel
All-metal case
Optional rack-mount set for single or double unit (compatible with all DM series products.Not included.


Dimensions 185.0×44.0×130.0 mm WxHxD
Weight 0.9 kg

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