Analog Delay with Phaser - Handcrafted boutique stompbox

The Retro Sky shares some classic circuit topologies with old analog delay pedals. It incorporates a Phillips SA571 Compounder for smooth feedback. With Over 1000ms of delay time and almost infinite repeats the Retro Sky is perfect for ambient and psychedelic Rock. On top of that, it has an analog Phaser built in to make those long trails swirl. Engage the Phaser on with the small toggle switch. You can control the speed of the Phaser effect with the Rate knob. The mix knob controls the Delay signal level and can make it accede the dry signal level. Set the Delay time with the Delay knob. The Repeats knob controls the number of repeats, from slap-back echo to self-oscillation.

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Key features & Specifications




Key features

Over 1000ms of Analog voiced Delay
Built in Phaser for optional swirly repeats w/ dedicated controls
Slapback echo to Self-oscillation
Pure Analog signal path
True Bypass Switching
Handcrafted in Israel
Power supply 9V

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