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Stoner Metal, Doom, Sludge. The Sludge Hammer is built to deliver the unearthly tones that are identified with these three subgenres. Instead of trying to emulate a classic amp, Greenhouse designed a pedal that covers a lot of ground and enables you to dial your own tone using your amp. Weather it is a solid state combo or a big tube amp, the Sludge hammer will turn the clean channel of an amp into a formidable riff-worthy beast. Gain ranges from medium gain crunch up to an uncompromising wall of sound. At higher gain settings the distortion gets slightly loose and fuzzy.

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End of life
Key features & Specifications




Key features

Harmonically rich Fuzz with Low End emphasis
Medium crunch up to an uncompromising wall of sound
Extreme tonal versatility via the Tone/Body/Gain controls
VNTG/MDRN switch to further optimize the Sludge hammer to the amp
True Bypass switching
Handcrafted in Israel
Power supply 9V

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