2x100W Warm White + Cold White COB LED Blinder

Lightblaster LED blinders series combines the benefits of LED technology (energy saving, reliability and durability over time) with lighting requirements in the photographic, television and stage industry. The design is very essential and functional; the chassis is completely metal to facilitate the cooling of light sources. Programming and setting are extremely simple, and DMX512 allows these blinders to be remote controlled. All PARs are equipped with color temperature regulation system, which allows you to mix cold and warm white (3200 - 6500K) depending on your needs. The advanced cooling system reduces fan noise according to the internal temperature and allows them to be used even in situations where low noise is required. The advanced dimmer system provides various adjustment curves to fit the device to different requirements. Finally, the absence of flicker and dithering allows the use in television studios. The fixtures come with 100W COB LEDs (50W CW + 50W WW) with high brightness and durability.

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Key features

2x100W COB LED (50W Cold White + 50W Warm White)
Color Temperature 3200-6500K with mixing regulation
Light Intensity 11600 Lux @1m
Advanced Dimmer System with different Variation Curves
Long life span (50000 - 100000 hours)
Lens Angle 60°
No flicker, No dithering, No Jitter
Advanced cooling system for fan noise reduction


Voltage 110V ~ 240V, 50-60HZ
Power Consumption 250W max
Operative Modes DMX, Master/Slave, Manual, Sound, Auto
DMX512 Modes 8CH, 4CH, 2CH, 1CH
Light Body Material Aluminum
Lens Angle 60°
Strobe 1-10t/s
Dimmer Frequency 1000Hz
Fixture Size 37x18x19cm
Fixture Weight 4.5kg

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