Speaker stand kit Safety air system with carrying bag

Complete and useful kit featuring 2 aluminium speaker stands and a carrying bag. The included stands are built in lightweight and sturdy aluminium and adopt the Safety Air system to avoid sudden drop of the speaker and ensure smooth and safe operations. Perfect for live situations to carry the speaker stand easily preventing possible damages.

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Key features

Kit including 2 pcs SSPS-AIR with Safety air system and carrying bag
Stands made of aluminium with diecast joint, lightweight and sturdy
"Safety Air System" ensure smooth descending of the speaker for safe operations
Stands with 35mm pole mount, fitting most speakers
Stands with metal safety pin
Carrying bag with handles


Stand pole size 35 mm
Load capacity 60 Kg
Height (min-max) 140-220 cm
Weight 3,8 Kg each stand (7,8 kg for the whole kit)
Construction material aluminium body, diecast base joint and handles in nylon
Finish painted black
Bag material nylon

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