10" & 11" SIAM OAK Congas

The "Congas" are the most popular percussion in the world. At the beginning these instruments were built digging a trunk and attaching a Cow-hide on one side. The tuning were made putting a candle inside the shell drying the cow-hide till the right tuning was reached. Initially used in the Yuruba and Folk Afro-cuban music the congas are now a must for all percussionist in every music style from Latin to Pop. The PACO Series includes a QUINTO 10" and a CONGA 11". All the sheels are in SIAM OAK equipped with Satin Black Rims and synthetic heads. The stands and the tuning key are included in the pack. Genuine heads can be supplied for replacement as well as additional stands.

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Key features

Dimension QUINTO 10" & CONGA 11"
Satin Black Rims
Elliptical Lugs with 2 fixing points
Synthetic Heads
Stands and Tuning Key Included
Finishes Dark Wood

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