88 keys cabinet upright digital piano with K8 keybed

Equipped with the new K8 keybed, the DP420K provides a true piano touch. Three sensor touch points that captures player’s expressiveness, and a special hammer system that recreates the feeling of an acoustic piano. 128 note polyphony allows pianists to play any music without a drop of a note. With the USB-MIDI connector, the piano could be easily connected to any MIDI compatible software on the computer, opening a wide range of voice selection at your fingertips. With the built in recorder, pianists are able to record up to 5 songs for review. There are also 60 piano preset songs with left and right hand learning for beginners. DP420K is a great choice for beginners and music enthusiasts alike at an affordable price.

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Key features

88 keys hammer action keyboard with Triple Sensors
130W speakers
40 voices
128 notes polyphony (max)
Split function to assign a voice for chords and another voice for melody with editable splitting point
50 accompaniment styles with editing and chord recognize functions
Duet functions creates melodies automatically while playing chords
60 prest songs with Melody Off function to playback accompaniment only
2 demo songs
Recording function with up to 5 user songs
Metronome fuction
Integrated pedals with Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain fuctions
Two headphone outputs
Jack stereo AUX
USB connection with MIDI functions
Stereo Aux IN to connect external devices such as smartphones or tablets
Matte black color wood cabinet


Speaker 2 x 40W + 2 x 25W
Dimensions(WxDxH) 1400 x 492 x 910 mm
Weight 59 Kg
Packing Dimensions(WxDxH) 1550 x 620 x 470 mm
Packing Weight 66,8Kg

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