VV-2 Portable piezo pickup with volume control for violin and viola

VV-2 is a perfect violin pickup for players seeking pure tone and simplicity with the ability to adjust output volume from the stage. A passive piezo sensor installs at the bridge, much like an electric violin. This violin pickup with volume control features a potentiometer on the jack housing, which mounts safely to the instrument with cork-lined, fully adjustable barrel clamps. In addition to being a violin piezo pickup, VV-2 works just as well for the frequencies of a viola.

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Key features

Overall weight 30gr / 1.05 oz
Jack housing material Laminate birch and rosewood top
Lead cable from jack housing to element 13cm / 5.10"
Diameter of piezo element 11.8mm / 0.46"
Thickness of the piezo element 1.8mm +/- 0.10mm 0.07" +/- 0.003"
Maximum Impedance 1500 ohm
Potentiometer 500 Kohm
Clamps adjustability (min & max) 32mm to 42mm 1.25" to 1.65"

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