AP-2 Portable surface-mount piezo pickup with volume control for guitar and other instruments

AP-2 is an ideal stick-on guitar pickup for acoustic musicians looking for an easy, effective solution to bring their sound to an amp and control volume from the stage. It's ideal for guitarists and cajón players looking for a universal pickup. The design features a handsome, lightweight wooden housing for the passive piezo sensor and high-quality volume potentiometer. In addition to being a surface-mount guitar pickup, AP-2 can be used for harp, drums and percussion. The pickup comes with enough PowerTack adhesive for multiple applications, and a detachable 1/8" to 1/4" cable which allows the pickup to remain in place during storage.

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Key features

Weight 12.80g / 0.45oz
body size form
? 53,70mm / 2.11"
B 42,80mm / 1.68
Height 9.5mm / 0.37"
Body materials Laminated birch and maple top
Potentiometer 500 Kohm
Maximum Impedance 200 ohm
Cable 3meter / 9'

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