Multifunction Booster

Now you can drive your amp to boost with the Boost Core Deluxe's gain knob, then sweeten or subdue your treble and bass frequencies with the onboard 2-band EQ. Boost Core Deluxe is handy enough as a standalone boost, drive and an EQ pedal. With its analog circuitry and tone enhancement, Boost Core Deluxe is beyond price. Drive the booster into your favorite overdrive to let it raise the sonic mayhem! Boost Core Deluxe provides you 3 types of boost modes, Clean, Drive and Spark. Clean mode is super-transparent +20dB clean boost and it also strengthening the original signal to against any sound degradation. Drive and Spark mode is +20dB gain boost with wide range parameter control and it offers enough gain for it to work as a drive pedal when turned all the way up.

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Key features

3 types of boost modes Clean, Drive and Spark
Clean mode offers transparent boosted tone (+20dB)
Drive and Spark mode allows + 20dB gain boost and tone adjustements to reach a stand alone drive pedal
Analog circuitry and tone enhancement technology
Can be used also as stand alone drive or EQ pedal
Controls Drive, Level, Bass, Treble, mode selector
True bypass
Power 9V (battery/AC adaptor negative tip)


Dimensions 122(L) x 72(W) x 47(H)mm
Weight 270g

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