Digital Delay

Time Core Deluxe offers outstanding versatility in providing different types of delays. Whether classic or modern, Analog mode built with bucket-brigade (BBD) device makes your sound warmer and more impressive. If using the stereo output, you can adjust your delay Ping Pong to create a stereo ambient or you can get a pan from left to right side in Pan mode. Make your repeats tastier with Mod delay or create different ambients with Reverse mode. You can run the pedal in Normal Mode or Tail mode for different playing styles. Besides that, you can simply use Time Core Deluxe as a Looper pedal on Hold mode. You can save your presets with using T-Lock switch and protect your sound against any accidents while you perform on the stage. Also you can carry your presets everywhere with "save your parameters as preset" option to recall your settings whenever you want.

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Key features

8 modes Tape, Digital, Analog, Ping Pong, Pan, Mod, Reverse, Hold
Controls Time, Mix, Repeat, Mode, Tail/Normal, Tone Lock function
Normal mode/Tail mode allow different ways of managing repetitions
Tone Lock function to lock your setting on stage
Stereo IN/OUT
USB port for preset savings and firmware upgrade
True bypass
Power 9V (battery/AC adaptor negative tip)


Dimensions 122(L) x 72(W) x 47(H)mm
Weight 270g

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