Multi-function FX pedalboard

Cerberus is a FX multi-function effect pedal packed with extraordinary features including inside routing, IR loader, analog overdrive & distortion and digital effects. You can use Cerberus as a standalone device to prepare your setup and control as a stomp-box chain and/or save any combinations including routing as a preset and recall by a single click. You can add your essential gears into the chain with using 4 cable method no matter which equipment you use. Cerberus also offers MIDI control to organize your own effect pedals and improve your effects control at the same time. The unit boasts 2 analog effects (overdrive and distortion) + a complete array of premium quality digital modulations and ambient FX (Tremolo, Phaser, U-Vibe, 3 type of Chorus, 3 type of Delay, 3 types of Reverb). Cerberus has stereo outputs and one of them is a dedicated output with speaker simulation for direct connection to the mixer or your audio interface. The headphone output is cabin simulated and ready-to-play. It can run any 3rd party IR files as well. An integrated loop switcher, IR loader, kill dry function, 0 to 20dB volume boost and an accurate tuner into a simple-to-use floor unit.

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Key features

All-in-one pedalboard and controller with inside routing for unmatched flexibility
100% analog effects Blues Breaker Overdrive (70's style), Brown Anger Distortion (hi gain style)
Modulations Tremolo, Phaser, U-Vibe
3 types of Chorus (CE, SC, ST)
3 types of Delay (60's/70's/80's) with Tap tempo
3 types of Reverb (Plate, Hall, Spring)
Speaker Cabinet Simulation & IR Loader (can run any 3rd party IR files as well)
4 Cable Method Connection and FX loop for connecting your all-time-favorite gear to Cerberus and add into chain wherever you want
Integrated loop switcher, IR loader, Kill Dry function, 0 to 20dB volume boost
Built-in tuner for fine tuning in every situation
Additional foot control switch for the selected functions of your choice Reverb, Mod FX, Drive Section Bypass or Clean Boost (0dB - 20dB)
Full MIDI implementations
Headphone out with speaker simulation
Editor Software and upgrade (via USB)
True Bypass (OD/DIST module)
Buffered Tail Bypass (Modulation, Delay, Reverb)


Fx types 16
Preset memory 32 banks x 4 presets
Ultra-low Latency (In to Out 0.68 - 2.04ms)
Boost 0dB - 20dB Clean Boost
Sampling accuracy 88.2kHz/32Bit
Processing accuracy 44.1kHz/32Bit
Power 9V 500 mA AC adaptor (negative tip)
Dimensions 320x110x65mm
Weight 1230g

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