DjTech CTRL Midi Controller

CTRL Midi Controller


The DJ world has evolved sharply over the past 10 years. The availability of new storage media among the general public and new file formats lead to the introduction of DJ software and interfaces opened a wide range of possibilities. Old fashioned Djs used to carry flight cases of vinyls first and CDs later. While still many nostalgic DJs like to bring their collection for the performance, it’s undoubted that using software and new storage media is convenient and open a new array of possibilities. This doesn’t mean that your collection need to be trashed! In fact DJs can take advantage of softwares and use your Vinyl collection or mix up vinyls and digital sources, as well as CDs and laptops or tablets loaded with software and tracks.

CTRL is a great additional tool in your arsenal whether or not you are a digital DJ




You can still play your vinyls or CDs and use CTRL to add effects, loops, samples and cues. Or you can add it to your DSV setup. Do you have a controller and want more functions at your fingertips? Just connect the CTRL with your USB port and map with your favorite software such as Traktor, Serato DJ or Virtual DJ.




Lastly, you can use CTRL as standalone, useful with sampler software.

Control your mixes with CTRL!




Main features
• Usb Plug & Play
• Buttons for Samples and Cue
• Effects and Filter for each channel
• Filter Knobs
• Mappable with all DVS Midi software
• Auto Loops and Manual Loops
• Fully MIDI assignable to control any DJ software
• LED illumination on each button
• Professional build quality and portability


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